Order Guidance

1. 首先,选择您要的物品,按下   ADD TO CART 

 First, select the item you want, press ADD TO CART



2. 进入你所选物品,选下你要的颜色或款式,输入你要的数量,再按  ADD TO CART

    Enter the item you selected, select the color or style you want, enter the quantity you want and then press ADD TO CART    


3. 下好全部您选的物品后,在左边确认后,按下 CHECKOUT

 After selecting all the items you need , checked the summary on the left , press CHECKOUT  .   


4. 最后再次确认全部订单,若订单无误,按下 PROCEED TO CHECKOUT 

 Finally confirm all orders again, if the orders is correct, press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT  


5. 最后,请确认收货地址和公司名字和货款总额无误

  Finally, please confirm that the delivery address ,company name and the total payment are correct

6. 完成下单后,在  I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions  打勾, 后按下 PLACE ORDER,  提交订单。

   After complete the order , tick on  I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions ,then click on PLACE ORDER to submit the order。